Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knitting to do list...

As I mentioned last Friday, I've been knitting a sweater this spring... and now I'm off to achieve a long time goal of making my own clothes (sewing projects currently in the works). And so I wanted to share some favorite knitting patterns I've been pinning onto my "Knitting" Board and saving to my favorites on Ravelry. My Aunt, Cousin and her little daughter are visiting at the beginning of June and I am very excited! Lil is going to help me with my guitar and in turn I want to help her with whatever knitting project she might want to tackle. Thus this post is a little musing of potential projects.... Let me know what project you love? I'm so torn at the moment, would love to knit them all!

Above: the Autumnal cardigan is a great staple to have, I'm sure I would wear it all the time.

The Nanook Cardigan is another staple but with a feminine touch. The back is beautiful and I love how it looks buttoned. (see link for more pictures)

The Rocky Coast Cardigan is a beautiful pattern, one that is sure to take some time, but oh so worth it in the end.

The Cap Sleeve Lattice Top is a big favorite of mine. I would love to knit this next, perfect for summer!

I've never been one for shawls, but lately I've found a few that are up my alley!
Like this Textured Shawl above.

 and the Eris Pattern, shawl.

And the Whisper wrap would be lovely for a summer wedding, or dining outback. Beautiful and timeless and a fun surprise when worn with jeans.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so I'll be sure to share even more inspiration down the road!

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bridget anne said...

i'm in LOVE with that first sweater. i could live in it.


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