Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Fruits and Flowers

This year marks our 4th wedding anniversary and I'll admit when I read that "Fruits and Flowers" are the  traditional gift, I rolled my eyes and thought- lame!? But then I stopped and actually thought about it... and realized it could be a really fun theme! And after compiling a list of some "out of the box" ideas, this year's theme is now my favorite! Let me know what you did for your fourth!?

Above: Terrarium kit

Take an afternoon and go berry picking. Then, if you have enough loot make a pie or some jam- and get creative with the jam labels (4 berry special years of matrimony, etc etc). And in the same berry vein- if you have the land plant some berry bushes to harvest for years to come. (This would be my number one choice if we could!)

Or take a bike ride to have a picnic in a field of wildflowers.

Buy some Seed bombs and throw them in your yard, or drive around town and throw them in abandoned lots like a real Guerrilla gardener. That is sure to create some memories!

Add some floral to your home with this Mutabilis rug from Anthropologie. Or get some floral sheets, or floral plates...!?

Any "Apple" product like the I-pad, is a fun take on the fruit theme.

or invest in something that allows you to enjoy the garden and flowers, like this hanging chair!

plus check out this list of the 20 best patio chairs!

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KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

We'll have our fourth in August :) I love the terrariums!


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