Thursday, May 17, 2012

Links and Such

Hey all, how has your week been going? Ours is pretty busy... the husband has exams this week so we haven't seen much of him.... ; (  I hope to have a knitting post up for you tomorrow as well as a garden update to show our wild veggies' progress as well as what we've been building out back! Here are this week's Links I've enjoyed. Have a good one!


I could definitely use this in my studio!
10 must have travel gear bits for kids
50 Dangerous things you should let your children do
DIY Linen + Leather belt curtains
honey rhubarb ice cream
love this vintage jacket!
pretty organic fabric
caprese eggs benedict 
DIY water wall- perfect for outdoor fun with kids
beautiful "Whisper Wrap" knitting pattern
a secret place for tiny treasures
cute dress sewing pattern

and from my blog this week:
4th wedding anniversary gift ideas
my ramblings about the movie Jane Eyre (2011)
and this week's Love Letter to Spring

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