Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anniversary gifts...

Well tis the season for anniversary gifts. And with our first Anniversary on June 2nd, I have been thinking a lot about what to get the Husband. In true form I might make something, which will be fun and relatively easy considering ours is PAPER!

Here are some gift ideas!

1st- paper.  
    Of course a poem hand written on nice paper would be sweet... or a scrap book, or a cut out paper chain decorating the room... or a drawing, a print- artwork is always nice! And maybe give these gifts at the end of a sweet- romantic themed scavenger hunt that was hand written on... PAPER! Here's a fun site for paper goods- Figments- gifts.

2nd- Cotton.
   New sheets- super high thread count baby! is always nice or a new duvet, go on and deck out your linens!

 Or make (buy) a cotton hammock for the backyard. And if you want to go a little further- make a summer pagoda to accompany the hammock- making your outdoor living space a nice retreat! 

3rd- Leather
     Say what you will, and perhaps keep it to yourself!  But you could always splurge and get that great leather chair you always wanted. Or go simple and sweet with a leather journal, or even leather winter gloves- a fun sporty kind. Think SJP in Sex and the City! OR- go for a horse ride on... those leather saddles!

4th- Silk, or Linen
    Again you could focus on bedding, or heck even drapes! Or go have a picnic at a special place- where you were married or engaged- and use some beautiful linens for your spread!

5th- Wood
This could be another piece of furniture, teak for the yard, or maybe get a little creative and carve something! A funny little figurine... or if one of you is really handy- make a piece of furniture!

10th- Tin, Aluminum
      Get a case of her favorite old school soda, and then when you are done with the soda- make a tin can phone line from your nook in the house to hers! Or search on etsy for something made out of these materials, cus this one is hard...

20th- China
   You could book a trip to China, or have friends and family over for a grand dinner party served on YOUR China! (china themed meal- optional!)

25th- Silver
     Of course something engraved would be lovely. Go to an estate jewelry store and pick up something whimsical, or go modern and try out etsy again for fun artisan made silver jewelry and such.  Or get him or her something very personal from Heather Moore- a key chain or cufflinks, or a silver charm with your wedding date or a quote from your song.

50th- Gold baby
     Go for broke! Get a gold toilet, or gold dentures, or that rolex she has had her eye FOREVER, what are you waiting for? 

60th- Diamond
      Diamond everything at this stage in the game!

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