Monday, May 4, 2009

A weekend in Portland Maine

We went to Portland Maine this weekend to find an apartment... Lesley and Steve took us in again, which was oh so helpful and appreciated!!  Here is a shot of the Portland "skyline"
Saturday night we went and saw a roller derby game- the jersey shore girls were in town playing the local girls from Maine. We got a crash course in the rules as the game went along, and I will admit the four of us were really into it by half time!  Funny to think that Obama spoke in this same auditorium before he announced his campaign.  It makes me want to do a little documentary of images and footage from all over the USA of his speeches mixed in with what those venues are being used for 100 days later! funny stuff!
Finally- Our Apartment! it's on the west side and close to some fun stuff. It's actually three rooms (4 if you count the kitchen). This is the dining room (looking into the kitchen which has a set of stairs and a little stoop for tomato plants!)- although I will probably use this room as my studio/ sewing room. We will probably have to put our couch in this room too since the doorway to the main living room is 26 inches wide! Plus the kitchen is big enough to fit our tiny table and chairs... (I mapped out the furniture placement on the car ride home- I am my mother's daughter!)

Then there is a bathroom, bedroom and a very large living room at the front of the house. This is a second floor apartment that is the entire footprint of the house. It has tall ceilings at the front of the house that become slanted towards the back- so the big artwork will have to stay at the front of the house!

We are moving the weekend of the 16th giving me 2 weeks to pack up our stuff! I look forward to posting pictures of our place as we get our own furniture in there and make it our little new england home.

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