Friday, May 22, 2009

More Curtains! #6 of 8!

(Excuse the mess... still working out those last little dregs that happen while unpacking!)
But here's the room with the curtains! This room sits off of our kitchen and you can see our little hallway that leads to the front room- which is our bedroom. I put my vintage suitcase collection in the hallway which is a nice fit and added storage!
And here is a better shot of the matching curtain I finished today. Again sticking with the rings due to the length issue. And here is "said couch".  

NOW The story behind the couch: a long time ago- my Mom swooped up this couch when we were living on our farm in NJ... she had it reupholstered and eventually 20 some odd years later it became mine 2 years ago when I moved to Philly for grad school!

In order to have it match the one piece of furniture I actually own- ie bought with my own art making  money (the yellow anthro chair- & on sale too!) We had to make sense of it all. So we went to the seconds fabric store I mentioned before- and bought this floral fabric to cover the three cushions. I wanted an english- farm house look- something that would some day be retired to our sunroom for pets and the occasional afternoon nap...

We were lucky and found the right floral fabric that tied in the intensity of the chair and even the green of the couch! Then we got the pinky/ magenta two toned polka dot fabric for the pillows.  My sister insisted on us making big pillows (a trick of the trade- mainly taste I guess- go big or go home!)   

Another decorating tip: when choosing patterns- try and have a variety of size prints to balance it all out. IE the floral is a big print, but the green plaid is smaller, and the polka dot pillows are an even smaller print.  ALSO it helps to mix in some modern prints- to bring the room up to date hence the more modern curtains, the pillows and throws.

The Transformation:
I sewed the once three cushions together with a curved needle and some carpet thread along all the edges and corners and then wrapped a duvet around the cushions- making them one cushion and reducing any three cushion impressions, etc and then I sewed that in place too.  All the while my Mom made the zippered floral slip cover and the pillows complete with trim. And Poof the revived old couch!

Then to down play the green plaid I have a faux fur white throw from pottery barn and an old vintage indian blanket that once belonged to my grandparents- flopped on the back. I mixed in some modern pillows from Anthro and one from Urban and it's all set.

And I must say the curtains do go! But most importantly they block out the roof that is practically smashed up against our window.

Now on to the curtains for the kitchen... 

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