Thursday, May 21, 2009

curtain #5 of 8!

I made these curtains this morning from some left over fabric from when my mother and I redid the hand -me-down couch... (i'll share pictures of said couch in another entry) We bought the fabric at a seconds store to make pillows, or a runner, but ended up never needing it.  

So I am making curtains out of it instead- to hang in the room with the couch- to ensure that it all "goes". Since I had a limited amount of fabric to divide between two very small windows I couldn't make the curtains as "cute" as I had intended. IE they would have looked like flood water curtains and would have been extremely short.

Luckily I had these rings from our last apartment- which solved the length dilemma. Another option I considered was sewing some trim or a border to the bottom and perhaps the top to elongate them and allow me to use the rod instead of the rings... and I might still do so but for now it does the job! 

I will post pictures of the other curtains once those rooms are more "photogenic"!

We are headed to Salt tonight to see their documentary exhibit. One of our friends from College recently completed the course and it should be a fun night out on this incredibly 80 degree day!

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