Thursday, May 28, 2009

The newbie of late night

So I know I don't often review things on my blog... I will leave most of that up to Cameron's new blog ( I will post a link to it once he has a post on it!).

But I gotta say I have really been enjoying Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

I watch it on hulu, since we don't have a tv. And it really is a great way to watch a late night show- anytime you want!

WHY I like the show: First off let me say I had my doubts when I heard about Jimmy getting the show, but after the first show I am hooked and here's why.

Maybe it's the similarities I see between Cameron and Jimmy- they both giggle about the silliest things, about everything!  And there is something very endearing about that light outlook on things.  And I think that's why I like the show so much- it's a nice break from the news right now. It's a little escape.  True the opening monologues can be hit or miss, but even when a joke tanks it's still amusing!

And I think that Jimmy has a real knack for transitioning and getting his guests back on topic all while maintaining this very child like amazement at his job, it's sweet.

Some of my favorite moments are 7th floor west- a take on mtv's The Hills. cirque du soleil. And these out takes are super funny I love Maya's Gwen Stefani impression and elmo is cute too! Hilarious.

If you do have a tv it's on NBC at 12:35!  Enjoy!


Meghan said...

Oh Jimmy, how I love thee. <3

Great post, Abby!

abigail said...


I love him too. Who knew!?


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