Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitchen curtains!

Well I made the first of the two curtains for the kitchen- today... and in true fashion I improvised as I went along!
Again- this fabric was left over from a project my mom had in mind for my sister's place... So the same issues arose with the living room curtains- limited amount of fabric, etc. So I had to "problem solve" and make do! (our kitchen is temporarily my sewing area. It will soon be the 7x8 ft room towards the front of the apt.. but I am waiting on some shelving and my card table. Hence the reason I am on a roll with this sewing- I want the kitchen back to normal by the time Cam gets here next weekend!
SO- there are two ways I could have these puppies hanging- tied back like in this picture or hanging loose like in the photo above.. What do you think?

I think the hanging ones tend to look more formal, and a little silly? But silly can be good I mean it's a silly kitchen to begin with- with the slanted ceilings, slopping floors... ALSO ties back allows more light and the feeling of living in the cypress tree outside the window- like the Swiss Family Robinson.

I might add some bobbles to this later tied version- along the hem to deal with the shortness and to add even more activity to them!  My approach with all this color is- if I can't paint I might as well make the most of everything else!

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