Wednesday, January 4, 2012

some Christmas pictures...

Better a little late than never! Here are some pictures from Christmas, it was a really fun day spent with family at my folk's house. There were 16 for dinner, which was a nice size compared to the slightly chaotic 26 at Thanksgiving! So in comparison the evening felt pretty chill, but we still fired up the player piano and sung out carols and show tunes until the babe said enough was enough!

Above: the little Miss rocking some hand knit leg warmers made by her father especially for Christmas, while she plays with her vintage music box my mom got her from EveryEskimo. It plays Tiptoe through the tulips, how appropriate! She loooooves it.

The stocking my mom knit for the little Miss, with the hand knit pig I made her.

My Cousin and her Beau arrived, as I attempt to get the baby to smile for just one more picture. Yeah, not happening. The husbo is wearing this awesome vintage tie I got him for Christmas from MouseTrapVintage.

Christmas isn't complete without a crazy uncle on stilts...

My sister holding the wee babe

The wee Babe has a Christmas night meltdown

Everything is made better when rocking the pjs... and getting ready for some player piano... (plus on a superficial note this is one of the better pictures taken of me since before I was pregnant... a Christmas Miracle!)

But first a little mistletoe hat photo op, reeling in the big catch.

Player Piano time

I hope you all had a great Holiday! We are still working on our stocking candy and ate some last night with ice cream while watching Portlandia on the husband's study break... as yah do. So no New Years get thin quick schemes going on here, well not yet! Check back in for tomorrow's weekly Links and Such!

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