Friday, January 27, 2012

15 months old and Galavanting in the Snow

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the calm before the splits

This past month has been a big one for the Little Miss, so much to say so much to share (this goes for me too!). Yes, since her walking has become more sure-footed she has picked up speed, and does little tricks now and again, like strutting and walking backwards, pivoting and stomping. And like her walking, her language has taken off and new words pour out of her mouth daily! And I know we are bias, but she is really smart! We send her on missions all the time- go get this, can you put this is the trash, can you go give this to so and so, can you go get your, drink, your bunny, etc and she always understands what you are asking, does it immediately and loves having a task. She's a really good helper and loves being involved and part of the group. She's so playful and happy go lucky and on the rare occasion she gets upset we can quickly turn it around for her, she very responsive, it's really great.

Here's a list of the more decipherable things she can say:

good girl
momma, dada (& mostly all of her family's names ( grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc))
cheese (you can't even spell "cheese", she immediately starts saying it! dammit!)
all gone
thank you
oh my
poopa (for poop naturally)
up (and "up please" is a work in progress)
she can count to 5 (mimicking us after we count to five, this goes for counting to 3 too, obviously)
ouch (for when she knows something will hurt her, like my mom's pins, thus she taught her this)

can crow like a rooster
roar like a lion (and any other animal who roars, tiger etc)
baaah like a sheep
hoot like an owl
bark like a dog
chirp like a bird

for "more"
"all done"
"where is...(usually asking about millie)"
"the eensy weesny spider"

She is SUPER chatty and constantly chirping away. The husband and I look at each other sometimes in disbelief and with the knowledge that $hitz is gonna get crazy once her words are more defined and understood. The victory she will feel once she realizes we can understand her (after understanding us for sooo long) will be HUGE and she will be talking about EVERYTHING! lol looking forward to it actually.

Here is a 4 minute video (i.e.: warning, it's long) of our little family playing in the snow this past weekend. It was our first real snowy outing since she was a few months old in Maine... I like how you can see what kind of Dad Cameron is and will continue to be, he strikes a fun balance with me... i.e.: I would never run and slide on the ice while holding her, but I trust his ice walking skills to make it fun and safe. It's wild to look at him with her sometimes and realize we've cross the threshold- when way back when I could only imagine how great of a dad he would be... and now I have it right in front of me on a daily basis. Pretty great, pretty wild, and pretty sappy.

So on that note, Have a great weekend!


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