Friday, January 6, 2012

Testing the Walking Skills in the great outdoors...

I took some shotty videos with my cellphone this week of the little miss toddling about outside. She's been full on walking since Thanksgiving and her skills indoors are pretty impressive. She's getting really fast but still falls on occasion due to her balance, or slippery socks etc... But as you will see in this video, she handles her missteps like a little champ. My friend and I were talking about this yesterday- about how she doesn't cry or get upset when she falls... and I explained how it might be because the husbo and I decided a long time ago to just not react to her falling. After all babies take cues from their parents, so if we didn't rush in or make a big deal then she wouldn't either. Now that's not to say we don't respond. If she actually cries we do respond to her needs, but honestly this is soooo rare. For example we were playing in the driveway this afternoon, smashing up ice- as you do, and she took a face plant on the pavement. I just stood there watched and waited and she simply stood up and kept going, I was pretty amazed.

ANYWHO, the above video is 3 minutes long. I edited, but you know how those things go!?! So watch it at your will, I know it will only really interest friends and family (if even that!). But it's good entertainment to watch her fall and get back up. But no, this will not make the news, this video will not be the next Fenton! It's just a little look into her navigating the great outdoors. 

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: after watching this video the thought occurred to me that perhaps her shoes are too small, and that's why she's not as steady.  And after further investigation and trying on a bigger pair- the answer is YES, they are too small.  Now she is on her 3rd pair... dam their feet grow fast.  I feel like a bad parent for not realizing this sooner, ah the learning curve of being a first time parent.

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