Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy BIG Birthday to the husbo

He's the big 3-0 today!!! 
and I have big plans for this guy that I can't wait to share with you all (after sharing with him of course!). He says he doesn't celebrate birthdays, but I ignore this! I feel like this is crap you say after earning your senior discount at the movies. So not this year, dude, we're celebrating! I've had some fun ideas in the works for a while now and it's REEEEALLY hard for me to keep gifts such a secret for so long. But I've managed, of course not without the daily declaration of how "Excited I am for your birthday! It's going to be so great! Oh Man!!!". So needless to say I've really built it up. But he's been a good sport, appropriately rolling his eyes behind my back. ; )

Here he is with our daughter at my folk's house last weekend, showing her the skill of whipping up meringue for his birthday pie. Pretty cute stuff! Happy Birthday!!!

(I'll share the b-day stuff on Monday so check back in if interested!)

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