Friday, January 20, 2012

A Round Up: Playing with a toddler, here's how to do it...

I mentioned last week how we recently moved her little table (seen here in the corner) into the center of her room which broke up the space and allowed for an increase in play and exploration... Which got me thinking and mostly checking out MORE toddler play ideas on pinterest. Naturally I have a Baby/toddler advice and activities board, and here are some of the best ideas I am going to put into action this weekend in prep for next week! I think I'll even print some of them out as a cheat sheet when the crap has hit the fan and my brain shuts down and no ideas are coming to mind.. I think this is the inspiration behind these "busy bags" moms want a fast go to thing to allow for everyone to hang out so the mom can get something done, anything done! ; ) 

Above: the little miss is playing with a smaller version of this magnetic board, perfect for when they can stand but not walk yet, they love it!
Homemade busy board, I'm working on ours this weekend!
LOVE this blog: PlayAtHomeMom, these activities are more out of the box

And the best thing to have a toddler do (at least at this stage at 15 months) when you are working on something, have them help you. They learn so much by helping you, a sense of accomplishment, the importance of being part of the group... plus it's more natural and getting back to the early days of man, before crazy toys, pipe cleaners and glue... but when helping out runs cold and boring it is nice to have a back up plan, and that's what these are! Plus check out my Enchanting Kid's Room board for other fun ideas, like a chalkboard table and cardboard houses!

Have a great Weekend!

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