Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Very Etsy Christmas, i.e.: what I gave peeps for Christmas from etsy!

Wednesdays are usually my "Handmade Shout Out" post, but today was especially crazy... and if I don't get that stuff written the night before than sometimes it won't ever happen! So here it is! I wanted to give some shout outs to the cool etsy things I got for my gift list, as well as received, this year for Christmas! ALL of these folks I would highly recommend you checking out and shopping with!!!

Above: The husbo got this 4 pack Manly Soap in his stocking by Rocky Top Soap Shop in Maine. It's pretty awesome soap, he's already a big fan!

Speaking of Maine! Literally Everyone on my list got something from the awesome Long Winter Farm shop- we are talking lip balms and body creams people!!! luv, luv, luv this shop!

I got my sister in law this funky vintage painting from MouseTrapVintage! It's adorable and came gift wrapped (gotta love that!).

Also form MouseTrapVintage, this tie my husband wore on Christmas. So festive and plaid!

My husband gave me this fantastic Vintage sweater from DearGoldenVintage, I will admit that I might wear it a little too much... ; )

And we got this beautiful desk calendar by ModernPrintedMatter for my other sister in law!

And the pattern I used to knit our daughter this pig, by Mamma4Earth.

The decals for my Niece and Nephew came from Slaps, etsy shop.

And my mom snooped around on my etsy favorites and got me this awesome cinnamon Rucksack my infusion!

My mother also got our daughter these clever and adorable wooden stacking blocks by tinygiraffe, the perfect stocking stuffer and our little one LUVS playing with them!

And as I mentioned before, my mom also got lil ponce this pretty music box from everyeskimo. It plays Tiptoe Through the Tulips (you know like my blog!) So there you have it, our very ETSY Christmas!


Dory said...

Wow, you weren't kidding! It's so satisfying to give a thoughtful handmade piece. And well done mom, for selecting that rucksack.

lauren said...

yay! you are wearing that sweater a lot. it's super nice isn't it?

i LOVE that rucksack, you are well loved! :)

abigail said...

Thanks guys, yeah the rucksack is pretty awesome, I was VERY surprised!!!

and Lauren- There are a few days a week when I look down at what I have on and I usually have on 1 piece of DearGoldenVintage!! (I wear the crap out of the teal boat shoes I bought over the summer! lol)

thanks for your comments! It was a great Christmas!!


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