Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I've learned this week, and it's only Tuesday...

* If you wear fleece pants and a nice-ish wool sweater to bed, you can disguise these as clothes the next day, no one is the wiser.

* being a good mom, means I'm a bad friend (to my age appropriate friends)

* not a good idea to store baby boogers in your back pocket, besides the fact that it's gross, they dry into hard little daggers that stab the crap out of the sensitive skin beneath your fingernail

* when you put chapstick on her lips, it will come back more wet

* don't ever find yourself sitting behind her when she is  "Playing", this phase of throwing crap behind her is lethal.

* she might find an impromptu fort with the two of you beneath a sheet on your bed fun- but not so much when the setting is her crib and you are on the outside of the sheet

* we put a toddler stool at the foot of our bed so she can climb on to a bench and then on to our bed, and back down again, over and over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN! mildly supervised of course. ; ) It's the best thing since peanut butter.

* New go to food- Chopped & steamed cauliflower with half&half, cheddar cheese and crumbled blue cheese- in the microwave for 1.50 on level 5- will have her chowing down at lunch with a loud MMMMm after every bite, I have to agree, it's genius.

* every night, after she is in bed, is like Christmas Eve in a way... you occupy yourself with those secret things you can't do in front of her, like eat candy, knit, sew, lay perfectly still uninterrupted on your bed listening to audiobooks... and then before daybreak you have to hide all the evidence of your secret life... and baby proof your room once again.

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