Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I've learned this week, and it's only Tuesday...

* I love how she asks to "read" our books when she climbs on our bed "boooo-k booooo-k, muh, muh (more)" and how she leafs through the pages like a master black jack dealer shuffles the cards.

* my elephant noise does not hold a candle to my husband's elephant sounds

* I also need to work on my dolphin sound effect (suggestions?)

* living with a toddler is like living with a raven, they are attracted to random shiny objects, especially trash, and they collect said objects and build a little nest wherever they go... or more accurately they leave a bread crumb trail of trash around your room.

* THUS as a result being a mom to a toddler means you are also a detective, you can look at all the clues- i.e.: the hodgepodge collection of crap on your floor and decipher when and where the child was at such and such a time and therefore her other shoe must be.....? HERE, beneath my pillow!

* the baby's kissing phase is really cute, I just wish our dog understood it as affection and not as a threat to her small delicate boston terrier physic.

* That no matter how confident I feel about the cloth diapers, to never skip the final extra rinse they NEED in the wash. no sense bringing on mean nicknames like "cauliflower butt" for the baby.

* This new sleeping phase she is in- where she no longer needs to be rocked until fully asleep, then put down, but rather put her down while awake to fall asleep on her own- is a BIG milestone! go toddler, go toddler GO! (although I do miss the falling asleep on me thing, sniffle sniffle)

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