Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Round up: DIY Tea Station, Flowers and Eggs Beni


Here it is the present I got for the husbo! We joke that Cameron is a "Tea Guy" (he drinks tea ALL the time!) and tea has been a big part of our time together. We had a favorite tea place in Maine, favorite mugs from both Maine and Alaska, we have fun finding new-to-us teas... etc, etc. So when I saw the Bodum sale on Gilt Home, the idea to make a Tea Station in our bedroom just clicked, and I got him the Bodum Electric Kettle in green! Here is the Before picture. The tv was left over from when this room was a guest bedroom, and we never used it, making this dresser a catch all for loose bits of crap. So this was the perfect tea station destination!


Since this is a short dresser the toddler can reach up and pick items off of it. So I used one of my vintage suitcases to add some height to the dresser making it a more normal countertop height while creating a greater distance between the toddler and the hot stuff. On the Shelf to the right I put jars of our loose leaf tea (including new tea from Philly's Premium Steap) and the second shelf houses back up mugs. I also have a tiny bottle of dishwashing liquid in the bathroom so we don't have to go to the kitchen to clean the mugs each time.

Detail shot of the tea area. 

I covered the case with a handwoven fabric to protect it, and I also have a wooden tray on there for added protection and as a visual element. Our little wedding present teapot from our friends, two mugs we bought while in Homer Ak, and a new tea strainer from Premium Steap. I gave the big reveal to the husbo on Saturday night and he was very surprised. And come Sunday we already used it twice! I also made him a photo book of all the cellphone pictures form our daughter's first year and I also gave him a massage gift certificate. He's earned that one for sure! It was a fun 30th birthday present, one that we can both enjoy (score!).

For my birthday: last Tuesday night the husband made me eggs benedict with smoked salmon and avocado for dinner. So delicious!

He gave me flowers from Trader Joe's (so beautiful and soooo affordable!)

The busy guy at work.


We had great birthdays and it's fun to have them four days apart. Since I'm a twin, sharing birthdays is old hat and something that is actually kinda fun! Cus look, now I get to have tea whenever I choose!

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Mrs Robinson said...

T and I are also 4 days apart - but he never lets me do anything for him! Good for you surprising your man!


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