Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I've learned this week, and it's only Tuesday...

I wrote a little post like this last Tuesday, and I thought it might be a fun new series to share funny/awkward/perhaps helpful mothering tips. Or more accurately a look into my new life.

* your own scarf is now your personal bib, not to mention the first thing she's grabbing on to as she falls to the ground...

* If you choose to lay down in her play area- you will become a human hurdle, jungle gym, obstacle course, you will have a tiny butt sitting on your face, and little fingers poking you in the eyes, but it's still worth it for those few precious seconds (aka what Louis C K refers to as the mini vacation)

* The stank in our room is not diaper related (for once) yup it's time to wash our dog's bed, what an attention whore (get it, sarcasm because we've been neglecting her...)

* Toddler's are a lot like dogs they work hard on their mess and if you try to be sneaky and clean up said mess after they have moved on to another corner, they will come back and play/ mess it up all over again, so be stealth.

* Be sure to check all of your pockets for baby socks before leaving the house, to avoid any awkward stares at the post office.

*this cuddly phase is really fun and cute and helps balance out her hatred of you typing on the computer

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