Monday, January 2, 2012

A family of pugs and a little dude on his dirt bike- Wall Decals

For Christmas this year I asked my friends Les and Steve of Slaps, an esty shop that makes vinyl decals, if they could make some custom decals for my niece and nephew! They results are phenomenal and the kids are so excited about their new wall art, that I had to share the results.

Above: for my nephew's room they made us a custom decal of Liam riding his dirt bike!

And for my niece's room they made a family of pugs in a dark chocolate brown!  This little trio is now available in their shop. Thanks Les and Steve for doing such a great job, there is already talk about what they want for next year!!! ; )

1 comment:

Lesley/Slaps said...

They look awesome!! Thanks for sharing and for the shout-out!


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