Saturday, January 28, 2012

What to Watch: Melissa McCarthy on SNL

I've been a fan of SNL since I was very little, let's just say (like most quirky children) it was on my goal list in 3rd grade to one day be on SNL... thus come rain or shine I have watched the show on and off through out my young adult life. However, since the show's resurgence with its Digital Shorts and the hilarity of the 2008 election coverage, SNL has been lacking on the hosting front. And in general there is a rare show where I find the entire set entertaining (let alone even one skit, sorry!). BUT the episode this past fall on October 1st with host Melissa McCarthy was THEE funniest SNL I have seen in a LONG time! Each skit was hilarious and I was acutely aware of the chemistry she had with the cast, let alone what must have taken place in the writer's room for such a show to be conceived. 

I know I'm a little late in talking about this episode, but you see I bought it on i-tunes and watch portions of it at least twice a month! (the husband and I actually quote it often = DORKS!) And after revisiting it this morning (during a little mommy-down-time) I thought I just had to tell you about it!!! Above is one of the rare clips from this episode to give you an idea of how funny it is! (it's flipped/backwards like mac photo booth) So I suggest going on iTunes and purchasing the entire episode for your viewing enjoyment! Perhaps the show would be consistently funny if there weren't so many other comic venues these days sucking away so many comedians into other roles...?  Can you imagine your dream SNL cast? Oh man... well I'll stop there to keep from being a complete geek.

I'm planning on watching this episode with my mom who LOVED Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids, should be fun!

have a great Saturday!

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