Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Night Moon And Wes Anderson need to get together


As a new-ish parent we read a lot of goodnight moon in our little family and since I didn't grow up reading this classic, the book has a funny adult affect on me, hear me out. In some way I consider myself lucky for not having any childhood associations with the book- mainly now I won't grow tired of it as easily as some parents have bemoaned is their personal plight. Rather at the beginning of our daughter's infancy I read the book with some serious melancholy ... thinking about past generations, about how fast she is going to grow up, mortality- yah know up beat $hit like that! PLUS one of my adult associations about this book comes from the sappy movie, "Playing by Heart" where a mother reads this to her son who is dying of aids. YAY, so that's what I brought to this book. (eye roll)

However, I am now in love with this classic and was struck by how awesome "the great green room" is and how it reminded me of a Wes Anderson set, specifically the Royal Tenenbaum's. I mean what kid (let alone a bad arse rabbit) has a tiger skin on their floor, striped curtains and their own fireplace!? Sign me up! So I propose that Anderson work in cahoots with illustrator Max Dalton to create some badass children's books, perhaps they could do a Goodnight Moon director's cut and elaborate on the story? What do you think?

Some interior shots of the Tenenbaum's house.

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