Monday, December 19, 2011

Knit Pig Review and Final Pictures, plus a new addition to the babe's room...

Here it is, the knit pig I made this weekend as a stocking stuffer for the Little Miss! It was a very fast project (the best kind these days!). I think it took 6 hours...? I knit the pig on a set of size 6 needles and held two strands of the same pink yarn together since the yarn was a varied hand spun I wanted the pig's skin to be thick enough so you couldn't see the stuffing, and on its own one single strand of yarn would have been to frail and transparent. I stuffed it with an old messed up hat I knit from the same yarn a few years back, which was the perfect filling, very dense with more weight to it than poly fill, giving the pig a robust solidness to its stout physique. The finished measurements: he is 5 inches tall and 8 inches long. It's going to look so cute sticking out of the top of her stocking on Christmas morning! (pictures were taken at dusk hence their yellow-ness... the pig is a nice pale pink!)

The little face with brown eyes.

The little i-cord cork screw tail.

And a new addition to her room, a Sharon Montrose print of a little lamb.

So darling. I love the idea of having a little sheep above her crib (counting sheep, etc). Plus this little pale faced cutie reminds me of our little one, so curious and fair.

Now every wall has artwork! Done and Done! Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog when I will share a little DIY about the bird house nightlight I made for her room. It's so cute and looks like a harvest moon at night, you'll see!

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