Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Before and After: Painted Side Table for a Children's Room

My grandparents had a set of these wooden side tables from Hong Kong, and after sitting in a damp basement for a number of years they had seen better days! My sister took the first side table, sanded it and repainted it a mango orange and it now lives in her apartment in NYC. I held on to the second one knowing that one day I would have a use for it! Early this fall we transitioned our daughter from co-sleeping into a crib in her very own room and I knew with a little T.L.C this side table could be really cute in the room.

The table had a patina of mildew and the paint was chipping and the wood was cracked in big not-safe-for-humans-chunks. So I used a power sander and really knocked off the pieces of wood and paint to make sure no further chipping would take place after the new paint was applied. For color, I chose a salmon pink to balance the gray walls and the two larger pieces of blue furniture in the room.

A detail of the top of the table. The relief is now all one color and I actually like how each piece (i.e., bird and flowers) are no longer it's own color... the new monochromatic nature of the relief strikes a balance with the vibrant pink paint.

And here it sits in her room next to the glider conveniently blocking the baby from the one exposed outlet. It sure is a bright pop of color! I'm planning on doing a full baby room post once I have the ottoman recovered and one more piece of art on the wall.

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