Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I won this GIVEAWAY! Help me decide what to get!

Hip, Hip Hooray! I won this awesome Giveaway hosted by HoneyKennedy for a gift certificate from Portland's (Oregon) Shop Adorn.  I'm pretty excited and you know I'm going to "treat Yo'Self!" to something fabulous! But what to choose!? Won't you help me decide?

Above: the Pendleton Portland Collection Arrow Cardigan. I'm addicted to cardigans and this one would live in my wardrobe from now until I'm rocking it at the Senior Center. I like how it's a little bit funkier than your typical cardigan, plus it's Pendleton and 100% wool so it will last forever!

Also from the Pendleton Collection, this Box Pleat Shirt. Another piece that will last a long time, but I worry that it's too much of a staple. I mean part of the fun of winning a giveaway is getting something really unique! Plus the other day I got dressed and was loafing around when I looked down and realized I looked like an art teacher- in head to toe faded black- i.e. different shades of gray. All that was missing was a the coffee breath and a random swipe of paint on my cheek.  (no offense fellow art teachers!) As much as I love gray I think I should focus on color...?

Or I could make my winnings stretch a bit farther and get this fun set of Butter London Holiday Trio Nail Polish

and add this Snow Gardenia Perfume  to the list!

or these Paige Jeans!

Decisions, Decisions 


tessamay said...

I vote the cardigan!!!

abigail said...

I knew you would! ; ) I'm leaning towards that one for sure!

Mrs Robinson said...

definitely the cardigan!! (and awesome win btw)


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