Thursday, December 8, 2011

Links and Such

(word up!) 
Hey All, Happy Thursday and Happy Links and Such! Below are a few things from around the inter webs that I've been digging this week including gift ideas, DIYs etc. Hope you have a great day!

the 5 best toys of all time
felt and wire gift guide
Cup of Jo's gift guides are always fun, like this one for Dad!
cool fabric wall calendar
I really really like this huge ID Bracelet 
the most powerful images of 2011
adorable knit booties
cool color combinations for knitting inspiration
make a clementine candle
DON'T throw out your dried up markers, Recycle them into...
Make this perforated Modern Christmas tree, decoration
sweet nothings custom gold necklace, heeh heeh heeh

more added to Stunning

the first Love Letter to Winter!

another video of the little miss walking

and check out this etsy treasury I made

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