Thursday, December 15, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday and happy Links and Such! How's your week? Mine is really great, I managed to send two Christmas packages yesterday to family in Alaska and England. Should we take bets on which will arrive to their destination first!? My bet is England....? (cus that's what they told me!) Other than that the husbo is done with school for the semester which means he's around more which is always nice for the wee babe and myself...And I won this giveaway on CupOfJo! so excited I'm choosing the "Maine" scent! anywho, enjoy this week's Links and Such! And Lil the above poster reminded me of you. ; )

the power of a mother's hug
I love him
gingerbread camper
10 things this mom Learned and doesn't want to forget in the first year
lovely little shops 
make your own party poppers, or Christmas crackers
the ultimate cardboard play house
shining star space cube

and in case you missed it:

I reviewed "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"

Green gift wrapping ideas

a NEW before and after

and my Family dynamic ; )


Mrs Robinson said...

umm - your giveaway winning mojo has got to be shared! :)

abigail said...

I know I feel like I am on fire and should play the lotto!


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