Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A "Green" Gift Wrapping Round Up

If you've read my Green Living posts, you may know how much packaging drives me crazy! Gifts arrive in packaging be it to the store or directly to your home- your little gift has already seen it's share of waste (sorry to be a hum-bug, but think about it!) SO the thought of putting this gift back into more trash to then be smashed into trash bags at the end of Christmas Day... is kinda gross and unnecessary. So I thought it would be fun to offer some alternative gift wrapping ideas, using recycled paper, fabric and other fun household elements to inspire your own green gift wrapping endeavors. 

Above: I'll be honest, not all of my gifts are wrapped greenly this year, but here are a few that are! I found these great colorful drawstrings bags in my mother's Christmas decorations that belonged to my grandparents (?) and so I wrapped the husband's Christmas present in the green bag and used the red cord to tighten up the package tying it around the outside, acting as a bow as well as a great place to tie the luggage tag- gift tag. The smaller white drawstring bag I received with a purchase and I'm using it to wrap a stocking stuffer. We have a few other drawstrings bags I will use for our daughter's presents too. I love the simplicity of this bag idea- so easy, just drop it in the bag and synch up the cords! Boom, you're done!

Next year when I have more time, I'm going to make fabric wrapping! Here's a great tutorial from poppy talk on how to make your own printed fabric wrapping. Now you can reuse the wrapping every year!

Bow tutorial, could use recycled paper.

Need some last minute gifts wrapped!? This ETSY video shows you how to use house hold items to wrap up your presents!

Happy Wrapping!

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