Saturday, December 17, 2011

So this has been happening...

Just some videos of what the little miss has been up to lately at 13.5 months. She is full on walking and exploration is her number one pass time! Surprisingly I don't have any walking videos from this week, maybe because it's getting harder and harder to catch up with her! Other little milestones- she's very affectionate loves to kiss and hug us on her own initiative. She's been very chatty for a long time now, but she is using more words in appropriate situations and not just repeating us like a parrot. Like when her friend correctly velcroed her own shoe this week, Cordelia whispered "good girl" for her friend, a praise usually reserved for our dog Millie.

So here are a few videos, some long, some short.... hard to edit as a parent, so watch what you will.

Above: this week she hung out with her cousins Liam and Sophie after school. 

Talking on the phone in her crib. (cellphone vid)

Beat box remix, playing with some noise machines in her room. (cellphone vid)

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