Thursday, December 22, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday and Happy Links and Such! Hard to believe that Christmas is this weekend, but I'm ready it should be really fun with the wee babe toddling around and no doubt more into the wrapping than the gifts! lol. I'm getting a lacquer manicure today, my first manicure in 4 years. As an artist my nails are always taking a hit so it never feels practical... but the lacquer kind should stand up to the Holiday challenge! I'll be sure to report back. And later today (or tomorrow morning) I'll share with you a little DIY ornament tutorial I did this week plus a visual treat of the beautiful vintage way my mom decorates their house for Christmas, we're talking ornaments hung from the ceiling here people!  ABOVE: Martha's DIY snow globes.

mmmm Mushroom Soup Recipe
doodle table cloth you can wash- perfect for the kid's table this year!
bookmark this Hair blog
for your salty bird a lighthouse birdcage 
adorable DIY gift wrap with a cute snowflake garland
digging this sweater, cool knitting inspiration
my guy gift guide
gift guide for Self
I think I can find a place for THIS in our daughter's room
sounds like my kinda book
a navy and pink room
cool for the little one- vintage fisher price

and in case you missed it from MY blog this week:

the tough question about parenting (i.e. the longest thing I've ever written on here)
a blaze with Christmas a local lit up house, including a little video
Handmade Shout Out: the zippered pouch
a DIY bird house night light for under $10

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