Friday, March 9, 2012

Playing outside, who said girls weren't made of worms and dirt!?

It was 73 degrees here yesterday- yeah freakishly warm for March... which makes me think that earth and all the plants think that it's actually May, which would mean we are reeeeeally far behind with our garden! ; ) But the babe and I have been soaking up the fresh air and warm temps as much as we can. (an hour before lunch, and then endless hours before dinner.) And I'm pumped to report that, despite her head being in the 100%, her sunhat still fits from last summer! go us for buying it too big! Anyway, as I've said before about playing outside with a toddler, it can be a lovely alternative and it's one I actually prefer from being indoors. Outside she is more likely to play on her own for longer stretches of time, she studies and inspects different things like a baby scientist should. Mean while I'm able to work on more of our garden prep- win, win.

Here she is stretching out a worm like a rubber band, yeah she eventually stretched it into two pieces, making me dry heave. 

And Dad shows her a little tree seat.

A dirt face plant is always good fun.

and a slightly dangerous garden cart ride with her cousin (driven by my husband!) up and down the driveway... notice at the end of the clip you can hear her say "More!"

Yes, days like these make me feel so happy and like I am accomplishing what I hoped I could offer my children... to spend hours outdoors, in nature.  Makes me VERY excited for spring! And if you haven't read "Last Child in the Woods" DO! It is excellent and really explains the importance of having free time in nature... (it's my ultimate parenting book). Have a great weekend!


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