Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I learned this week and it's only Tuesday

*I'm officially a real mom- dancing like a dork in the car to entertain our toddler.

* Ever have a stalker? that's what having a mobile toddler is like... poof just when you think you've lost them- they're right there pulling on your pant leg.

* There is a socially acceptable amount of peanut butter one can wear out in public.

* Yogurt is like white deodorant, just when you think you have it off your clothes or face- it reappears crusty and yellow.

* Even with a dog on clean up, feeding a hard boiled egg to a toddleer is a messy thing, making tiny crumbs that even the dog can not find.

*A Frisbee in the car is a fantastic impromptu puke receptical- as is one's hand as my husband also demonstrated.

* My diaper bag should now include band aids- her speed and mobility are not always so sure footed, and I should be prepared!

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