Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm on Instagram

With my awesome phone upgrade, I am now on instagram- a bad-A** i phone app that allows you to instantly share little photos with your friends etc. I'll admit it's the first app I downloaded and I'm trying to be conservative with my usage, but it's hard. And then today I left my phone inside and missed the cutest exchange between the baby and the dog, dammit, it was so cute! anyway, here are a few of my favorites. My username is "tiptoethrough" let's follow!

Above: a little spring organizing in my closet yesterday, had to find a pretty spot for the new tunics my sister sent me.

Classic. She loves looking upside down through her legs.

one of my hand painted pillows I'm working on...

we borrowed my brother's sweet ride on Sunday to pick up lumber for our garden beds.

if she could talk, she would ask for five more minutes in bed.

The babe's friend came over on Sunday and they got to smooching, pretty cute.

this week has been full on sunhat weather...

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