Thursday, March 1, 2012

Links and Such

Hey all! how's your week been going? Ours has been nice. I heard that Maine has a snow day today, what a way to welcome in March! And yesterday was my brother's birthday. It was his 8th birthday and he turned 36... so ponder that for a while! ; ) And I now know why the babe sleeps in until 8:30 or later, because even though I put her down at 7:30pm she sings to her animals for an entire HOUR! lol at least she's happy. Here is this week's Links and Such post. Judging by my links you can see I'm thinking about spring alright! Have a good one!

lovely new to me blog- from the NY times
a girl's tutu I actually like, love the rusty rose color
love these embroidery patterns!
speaking of- check out this amazing vest
8 hours of sleep- a modern invention?
pretty french canisters
10 ways to make a garland- would be cute for a party or to decorate a children's room.
a cute way to package flowers! beats the plastic they come in, and you could easily do it yourself
love this floral chair
book: Beautiful no mow lawns, yes please!
Tart on the go- packaging, a fun idea for a picnic
paint a little embroidered scene mural, cute for a girl's room
polka dot sheets
love these delicate stacking rings
Bellerose spring lookbook for 2012

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