Thursday, March 8, 2012

Links and Such

Hey all, how's your week been going? Mine is alright, nothing too exciting... just another week where the husband is at school until late at night for three nights in a row, or something like that... so it's been me and the babe. Who, don't get me wrong is a lot of fun (most of the time) but a girl needs a little balance now and then. So trying to figure that one out!? anywho, if you are reading this post- know that it was a huge accomplishment to publish it on Thursday. ; ) Now without further ado here are this week's Link and Such.

homemade fruit rollup recipe, sounds like a great go-to-keep-in-your-purse-snack
how to knit ruffles (saving this for a spring knitting project!)
for my studio? DIY painted cork board
there I fixed it, fail blog
the answer is YES (genius idea!)
I might knit up this heart (sans beads) for the babe's crib

AND in case you missed it:
I reopened my vintage photo shop on etsy! more images and sizes to come!
More egg dishes added to "Put an Egg on It"
30% off my vintage shop with code SPRINGFLING
and Yesterday's Handmade Shout Out

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