Friday, March 23, 2012

How do you find daily magic?

this is how I feel today, and really most days... I find this image hilariously accurate. I guess that's why they call it a "Laundry List" one's to-do list seems to be a never ending flow where the machine hardly has time to catch its breath...  

While doing the dishes today I was thinking about my friday blog post- what should I write about!? Should I choose from the long list of blog posts I have drafted in my head, but never seem like I have time or the will to sit down and make them perfect enough to publish...? Should I share a round up of images of the unfinished projects I have lying around in little nooks and corners? Or perhaps bore everyone but my family with more home videos of the toddler? I'll save the video post for later...

So instead I'll briefly discuss something I've been thinking about intensely over the past year... 

How Do you have daily magic in your life?

Even that sentence, that question seems hokey and like I'm going to have it hand painted on my entryway or some such cheesiness, but it's a question I turn to when it feels like we desperately look forward to the weekend, to a future vacation, or trip... if I can just get through this week, etc. (and as I mentioned before we currently don't have a "weekend" with our little family... hence why it's important for me to find this break, this magic through out the week.) This is something I've been discussing with the husband for a while and although I don't have a solid response, just asking the question makes me feel like I am striving towards a bigger better goal with my life and not settling for the mundane, or being ignorant of what life could be. I just don't want to waste time always looking forward instead of enjoying the present...

Ultimately I know that during the seemingly hectic week - it's the little things we can do to make our lives feel special, to feel magical. For example I am obsessed with Terrain's new soap "Sea Salt and Lavender"  (not currently available online but their Vintage Peony is lovely and by the same brand). Using this soap in the shower really feels like a treat, a mini spa day. That's an example of a little day to day thing, but what about the bigger elements that would soak one's day in light?  I know Gratitude is something I've spoken about before, and it's true that it helps make chores palatable ; ) ...  But for me I also find it easier to find daily magic when I live more closely with nature.  

I guess I've been thinking more about this as we prep for our trip back up to Maine on Monday.  Although there were pros and cons to living in Maine, I loved it there because of the accessibility to this magic thing I've been yammering on about. Plus after all the places I've lived, since going to boarding school at 16, Maine was the first place (besides my Aunt and Uncle's farm) that really felt like home. While in Maine even doing the dishes had it's potential for magic- looking out the window at the foggy landscape hearing the fog horn on the harbor and the seagulls up above, feeling the weather, the seasons (remember seasons!?). If we were having a rough day- we simply put the dog on the leash and went for a big walk around Portland where we had easy beach access and could walk for hours... in the burbs I walk around a circle, not the same... My seasonal Monday Blog posts- A Love Letter to Spring, Summer and so on- are a little way I try to start my week with a visual treat, with a little bit of magic... I also pin "magic" to my STUNNING board on pinterest. Well, I'll try and stop here, as I could go on and on about this topic, as I'm sure I will in the future. Plus prepare yourself for more Maine Musings this next week as I share pictures and favorite locations with you through twitter and my blog. 

In the mean time here are some pictures of bits of daily magic from this past week... Let me know how you find escapist moments and daily magic through out your week?

our bedroom tea station

the trees bloomed this week

sleepy dog


afternoon tradition

from the passenger seat

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