Sunday, March 18, 2012

What to cook Up this Weekend: Ebelskivers

For Christmas the Husband (the baker in the family) received an ebelskiver pan and cookbook from my parents. It was one of those gifts that was completely unexpected and hit the nail on the head! The husband is a big breakfast guy and unbeknownst to us, had admired the ebelskiver pan from afar. SCORE! Since Christmas we've been cooking them up on the occasional Sunday morning and they are a huge hit. So tasty, that I was unable to get a lovely staged final shot of the little treats before they were consumed! whoops.  Ebelskivers are basically little round pancakes. 

For the plain variety: you simply fill each pocket with the batter and then (once you get the timing down) flip them with the special wooden curved sticks. This was the trickiest part to get down, but I'm getting pretty good at it! Look at that handy work, so graceful!

You can eat them plain with a dusting of powdered sugar... OR you can be a rockstar and fill them with Nutella, jam, or peanut butter etc etc. The Nutella and jam ones have been the most successful... we have also combined a few fillings together like- nutella + peanut butter and a PB & J variety, but the classic solo fillings are the best. In order to fill an ebelskiever- you simply put less batter in each pocket. Then add your filling, and top it off with more batter before flipping them over.

So popular and dangerous, that this the only shot I was able to capture of the finished product! The cookbook provides a variety of other ebelskiver variations as well. I bet if you think of them as a miniature crepe you could really have some fun with them! Use cheese as the filling and poof- a fun appetizer party treat!

Yum, Yum!


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