Thursday, March 15, 2012

Links and Such

Hey there, soooo how's it been going? The above quote is my mantra this week... things started slowly breaking on Saturday and even up until today. I'm not speaking in metaphors here, I'm saying that stuff has literally been breaking... pro ejemplo- I go to retrieve a pen from the cute vintage ceramic pencil holder and all of the pens are busted through the base of the jug... and the list goes on. Frustrating that I have to add new crap to my to do list which I never make a dent. And the pillows I'm working on are not progressing as fast as I had hoped, and the other night it felt like every project hit a road block... My solution- to veg out on pinterest and try and chill. So these links are the result of my chill sessions this week. I hope you like!

love this bowl
beautiful street art
use shower rings to hold your scarves...
a substitute for butter
make this "Anywhere Chair" for the little one
cute DIY cupcake toppers
some serious statement earrings
toddler article: the importance of sensory play
make this FAUX mounted deer taxidermy, complete with template and instructions!
make- a mouse in a tin, cute toy for tucking in your purse
Grow citrus indoors, 5 helpful tips
pretty rad... I think I could pull this off...?
the vertical gardener
another reason to buy vintage jewelry
future studio

and if you missed it:
Vintage Shop Update
Love Letter to Spring, 2 letters and counting!
a new-What to Watch
decorating eye candy
playing outside with the little toddler
make yourself a dress

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