Saturday, March 10, 2012

"What's A Weekend?" IE why I Dislike Saturdays

I wish I suffered from Maggie Smith's ignorance about a weekend... and in an ironic twist I do. I'm sure most other mom's feel my sentiment?! There is no real break from motherhood... you simply have to adapt to the little mini vacations you get throughout the day. It's like the first birthday I had as a new mom- it was my 30th, thus it should have been extra special and in fact it was extra NOT. Baby's don't give a crap about special occasions, this goes for one's first Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas with a baby and thus a Saturday means nothing to them as well. And after the some what numbing predicability of my week of childcare, one would hope that Saturdays would offer a break of some sort... an adventure (even the baby can come along lol). But no, I hate Saturdays because the husband works on Saturdays... a 13 hour shift in fact, so no I have no idea what a weekend is and neither does he... I'm looking forward to the time when a weekend will feel adventurous, lord knows when that will be!?

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