Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What to Watch: Romantics Anonymous

There are some days, after taking care of the toddler all day, where I just need to sit and chill out during her nap time. This usual includes working on products for my etsy shop while watching a little movie. This week I watched the French film Romantics Anonymous. It's a sweet little gem of a movie, that like a piece of chocolate, was just the right way for me to spend my chill out time. To best explain it, it's as if the movie Chocolat and Amelie had a child. It's not as cinematically beautiful as those two movies but some of the ingredients are the same- a socially awkward women who loves to make Chocolate. Thus if you want a little cute feel good movie to watch, check out Romantics Anonymous (with a little chocolate to munch on while you watch!).

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