Monday, July 30, 2012

A little Before & After: the bedside table...

It dawned on me recently that I have a bad habit of destroying my bed side table. Thinking back on all the places we have lived and of all the bed side tables I have come to know... there is always a hodge podge of crap that accumulates. The result of never having a proper desk and of enjoying working on my bed (a carry over from boarding school?). Now at this juncture in my life I would like to blame motherhood for this gross collection of crap, but sadly it's only a poor excuse.  So after a quick trip to Target this weekend, I was inspired to tackle my bed side table.

My large and in charge jewelry box usually resides on this table, but was moved during a yarn spinning adventure that required much of the table (more evidence that I need a desk one day... thus this chaos might be avoided?). On top of the jewelry box is a new little felt bowl I scored in the clearance section of Target for $1.99. (I bought two!) This one holds my thread and needles, as I always seem to be mending or need to mend something... and the bed is a fun spot to do so...

It's so cute! I should really go back and stock up on more! They would make great little gifts.

I also bought this little caddy thing which houses pens, stamps and any and all nail tools one should need. It is true that with a toddler around- surfaces that are typically out of reach become a catch all destination for the crap that toddlers should not play with... and it seems, as with most organizing dilemmas, there is a required balance of function and everything having its place. To explain, if I set out to organize a side table I wouldn't think to have a little collection of thread, and yet one naturally took hold and accumulated. Ideally it should be reunited with the larger thread collection in the sewing area, but perhaps that's for another time. And so here it remains.

Anyway, here it is an embarrassing look at the transformation of my bed side table. Let's hope it sticks!

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