Friday, July 20, 2012

What to Watch: An Epic List of Movies for your weekend

Last weekend I got hit with this stomach bug and it knocked me on my a$$ for 2-3 days.  In that time all I could do was sleep and watch movies. In theory this sounds like an awesome weekend, but for me it was like being on a very long international flight (except more comfortable and with my own bathroom!).  I couldn't even knit, read, or write, simply lay there... (boo hoo, we get it!) My point is I watched an embarrassingly huge amount of movies. (whoops!) And I'm here to report back on what I saw.  Keep in mind that I'm not sure how great each movie was, given my state, but in general I found them pleasant and worth the watch.

Above: The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, a documentary that follows the Topp Twins, New Zealand's Lesbian sister singing comedy act.  I really enjoyed this film. I had never heard of the Topp Twins before and their bond is something else!

Korkoro, a film about a family of Gypsies living in France during WWII. It wasn't your typical WWII film. I enjoyed learning more about this side of the war and learning more about Gypsies in general, their culture, beliefs, etc.

Bread and Tulips, an Italian film set in Venice, is charming and scenic with a lovely little message about love and friendship. (ps: the trail is suuuuper cheesy! If I had seen the trailer beforehand, I might not have watched the film. It's much more understated than this.)

Following Sean, an interesting look at life in the 60's in San Francisco through the eyes of a four year old, and what his life is like as an adult.

The Country Teacher, I enjoyed seeing this sliver of life in the Czech countryside. It's a film where the lead character has to come to terms with his sexuality and how that relates to his new rural environment.

Young Goethe in Love. I love films that showcase the countryside, and I found this German film a lovely addition to the mix of Romantic period pieces. It had all of the same ingredients- star crossed lovers, costumes, too many mouths to feed, and drama.

Well I hope this has helped add a few films to your list for the weekend!

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