Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garden Update: Blooming and Ripening!

As the end of July approaches, things in our garden have begun to bloom and ripen!

On Sunday I picked a total of 7 large tomatoes, our first of the summer.  It always takes a while for the biggins to reach their full potential. Above: are 4 of our cherokee purple and 1 Brandywine heirloom.

The sunflower our nephew started from seed is ENORMOUS! I've never seen a sunflower grow so tall- maybe 8 feet!?

And watching it bloom has been a fun daily activity.

And Today I would say it's officially open, here's a bumble bee getting in on the action.

And the over all view of our little garden. The four tomato plants are at the back of the beds, beets under the triangle structure, and our newly planted pumpkin seeds took root where our spinach and lettuce grew at the beginning of the summer.  Of course we've had some run-ins with the little bunnies hence the newly laid chicken wire surrounding the pumpkins. Those cute little things better watch out, I've got a 14b dog who loves to kill bunnies! ; )

UPDATE: we measured the sunflower tonight and it's 100 inches tall, that's over 8 feet! pretty stinking cool!

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