Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekend Project: Knit Valentine Heart Necklace

Next Thursday is Valentine's Day, and our daughter's school is having a little party... this means I have to send in 35 valentines, including a very special one for our daughter.  (Excited to share the final product with you!) Although I don't personally obsess over this holiday, I have fond childhood memories and traditions that I want to pass on to our daughter. So I thought I would get started by knitting her a little necklace she could wear on the 14th! I followed this knit heart pattern for the pink heart...

And for the necklace I made a purple icord with my awesome new Embellish knit tool I got for Christmas! (knitting dork alert!)

Here's a little 6 second video I put up on Vine today of my knitting process...

In all I think this project took me 1-1.5 hours...? I thought about adding two other hearts to the necklace in different pinks and purples, and maybe a white...? But I think that many hearts might be too massive and bulky for her to wear comfortably. 

And this weekend I might sew up a few of these little fabric hearts, via Design Sponge. I'm playing with the idea of filling them with beans to turn them into hand warmers for little coat pockets... Have any projects you are tackling this weekend?

Have a great one!

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