Monday, February 25, 2013

Love Letter to Winter

I'm calling it! Even if Spring isn't officially here, this Monday is my last Love Letter to Winter! Come March I will start my new Love Letter to Spring series with the hope that it will bring spring's return that much sooner! So enjoy this last blog post of snowy scenes and have a great start to your week!


Ivana said...

As much as I love all these photos and snowy landscapes, I'm so over this winter, and so ready for Spring! I need sunshine, I need flowers, I need this slush to go away :) I'll be eagerly awaiting your first love letter to spring, hoping that it will urge this season to come out of hiding :)
Glad to be your newest follower :)

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

abigail said...

Thank you so much Ivana for your comment and follow! sounds like we are in the same boat when it comes to waiting for spring... I feel this way most Februarys but especially this year! funny how february is the shortest month but it feels the longest! : )


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