Thursday, February 21, 2013

GrayDayStudio Shop Update: Yearning for Spring

I'm really looking forward to spring, it's the first winter where I feel myself growing very impatient... maybe the pregnancy isn't helping!? But all I know is I want to be surrounded by green leaves and feel the warm sun on my face. ... and so I'm starting to add a bit more color into my etsy shop. I've brought back two summer themed totes, Never Sigh When You Can Sing and Onward to the Sea and two screen prints How to Make a Pin Curl and Dive In.

Also new to the shop are a few colorful Neon garlands. Perfect for upcoming spring parties- be it a Bridal shower, baby shower, Easter, etc. 

They also look festive and add a bit of fun when draped in one's home office or in my case- the sewing area of my studio!

And remember use code 3GARLANDS for 10% off your purchase when you buy three or more!

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