Friday, February 1, 2013

30 week bump and our daughter's thoughts on pregnancy

I'm 30 weeks this week, that means I'm 7.5 months pregnant and in 6 weeks I'll be tick tick ticking ... So yeah, gotta dig out the baby clothes and other baby gear and finish setting up the baby's room! In the above photo, taken at my folk's house the other night, it looks like they served basketballs for dinner and I went back for seconds! ZING!

But in general, everything is going great! I feel like we are having a boy... but I'm not as certain as I was with our daughter (I was 99% sure she was a girl)! That being said the husband and I are still bouncing around boy names while we have our girl name options pretty set. So who knows what that means? All will be revealed once the little one comes along!

I also noticed a little trend I'm guilty of, using the bump as a TV tray during my snack/ computer breaks at the toddler's nap time. Obviously some snacks are healthier than others! I'm going to miss my snack shelf.

And last night, our daughter got talking about pregnancy... I think she is still wrapping her head around this whole concept. She's pretty into it though. She loves reading the baby book she got from my in-laws for Christmas, and she loves to pat my belly and talk to me about the baby. I've also been showing  her more baby photos of herself, which I think helps her to understand her own experience and babyhood. It will be an adjustment but she's so helpful and sweet with others, that it should be a fairly smooth transition!?!

(the bump makes a good toddler hand rest too)

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tessamay said...

OMG such a cute video!! Moving and Kicking!!


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