Monday, February 11, 2013

That time we went sledding on Christmas...

I hope my New England friends are doing well after the big snow storm that hit them this weekend!? We only received a light dusting of snow and mostly rain... no sledding for us. But it reminded me that I've been meaning to share our little sledding adventure we had in Alaska on Christmas Day! Nothing like February to do so.

After our daughter woke up from her afternoon nap, we quickly headed over to Kincaid park to squeeze in some sledding before Christmas dinner. We met up with some friends who graciously shared their sleds with us and we got to see what our 2 yr old was made of!

Like typical parents, we assumed that she understood the concept of sledding and would be willing to go down a hill right away, sitting on her Dad's lap of course... foolish parents. She wanted to observe and take it all in. Plus I think she had to digest the snow she had just eaten off of the car's bumper, as you do. So she and Cameron ran behind our friends on their sleds up and down the hill, up and down the hill and repeat!

And then, just like that, she was ready. She made it pretty clear that she did not want to sit on anyone's lap, she wanted to do this by herself. And I was VERY impressed. There are always some areas where you want your child to express a bit more bravery- i.e. rinsing the soap out of her hair in the bath (what's up with that!?) and then there are other times and areas where they blow you away with their courage! Just shows that you should never assume anything about your child.

Here's a little video I took of her sledding, I tried to lighten it as best I could without over doing it... That's our friend Ben on the sled behind her with the light on the bottom... and Cameron ran behind her to make sure she didn't wipe out but mostly to keep her from cutting people off, as she did with Ben! (view it larger to see what's going on, and sorry about my finger getting in the way) Listen closely, you can hear Ben say "Oh she's getting aggressive!" She loved going over all the bumps her face would just light up and her posture was so straight it made for a funny combination! 

After she went up and down numerous times, I wanted to go down with her... you know create a memory, have a little mom-daughter time. yeah, NOPE! she really DID NOT want to sit on anyone's lap. Gosh I'm such a jerk! lol

So back to solo sledding she went.

It was a really fun little moment on Christmas. It was nice to play outside on a more "temperate" day, see friends, and to see what our daughter is made of!

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