Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Year's Homemade Valentines

Our daughter is having a little Valentine, or "Love Day" Party at school today! since she is two this will be her first real introduction to this funky holiday... and I'm kinda excited about it in a weird way! ; ) For her party, the teachers sent home a blank pink card in a white envelope for the parents to make a special card for their child. We were also asked to send in 35 (!) valentines for her classmates!! I found this free valentine printable that was very toddler friendly, so I printed out the white version and signed our daughter's name on all 35! 

Above: is the card I made for our Daughter!

And the inside of the card. I knew an interactive card would be a hit and I had grand pop-up book like ideas, etc... but ultimately went for a peek-a-boo option. It was very fun to make. I used a lot of Washi tape and just happened to have these collage pieces in my collage stash! win, win. Wish I could see her open it!

And Peek-a-boo! 

(my printer is obviously low on black ink, hence the odd green, but it kinda works in a weird way!?

And my little 7 second "Vine" video I made of the making of this card.

And here is the Valentine I helped her make for the grandparents. Pretty clever, huh? I came up with the pun all on my own! ; )

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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