Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handmade Bibs for our friend's new baby!

On Saturday our Friend's had their second child, a baby boy named Ryder! They, like us, waited until their baby was born to know it's gender, so upon this special reveal, that afternoon I got to work making a set of four boy-inspired bibs for both Ryder and his older brother. 

Back in the fall I purchased a little fabric remnant stash from Dory's etsy shop- Worthy Goods Textiles in Maine. All of the fabric really felt like my friend's taste and interests, especially the bikes! And I knew the car print with its scooter and vw bus would be a big hit with Mason (the 2yr old). 

The pattern is one my mom invented over a year ago when we both discussed how small and un absorbent most bibs are... Thus these bibs are very long and tuck in nicely behind the highchair tray. They have a towel lining on the inside for extra absorbency and are reversible, which makes them last a bit longer between meal times before they need to be washed.

And today we met Ryder, gave our friends a batch of Pappa Al Pomadora soup, and the bibs! It was really fun to hang out for a bit this morning. We tried to remember all those rules our midwives had for guests from our first go around. Bring something to eat, or offer to clean, and don't stay long! It's a little easier to stay for more than 20 minutes when it's the second child and there are two toddlers that are game for playing!

It was a fun visit and it will be crazy once our second child arrives and we all get together with 4 children! 

Congrats to our friends!!

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